Thursday, November 29, 2007


As my parents spend another morning furiously plowing their way through Christmas decorations, they make a mess of everything. All the accumulated wreaths, ornaments etc. of five decades worth of Christmases past gets them quite confused and annoyed. There are trains, boxes, wrapping paper and lots of other things strewn around. Meanwhile the weather gets progressively colder & colder. Today's a relatively nice day so far but it most certainly didn't start out that way. This morning it even snowed a little. It was nothing much, though, just enough to be aggravating. Uncle Frankie's still very sick. He always seems to come down with something these days. Each time he recuperates from something, he immediately gets something else to replace it with. Last night, at around 8:00 I went to bed with an extremely annoying headache which I couldn't get rid of until around 12:30 a.m. Lately, I've been experimenting with all sorts of things on the internet to make my blogs as interesting as possible. If I don't get the hang of all this sooner or later, it most certainly won't be my fault. I read a couple of dozen more pages more of "War & Peace" yesterday. It continues to be quite an ominous, formidable task for me. A couple of times, lately, the left lens of my glasses has fallen out of its frame. That really grates on my nerves. I know there's no risk of its breaking but it's still quite annoying because it adds to the already never_ending list of things that conspire to drive me nuts.

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