Saturday, December 22, 2007


The very last days of Advent are finally & at last upon us. In Lindenhurst, I was always very busy around this time of year. Here it's a smidge easier on me though. I wonder what all those people over there are doing without me. When the cousins & I used to bowl together, we always used to have a really nice time for Christmas. I really should make it a New Year's resolution to start getting active in the KofC council. Unfortunately, I never got around to sending Cathleen her Christmas card until this morning. That makes a whopping grand total of three I sent out by way of snail mail this year. Of course, as everyone must most certainly know quite well by now, I've always enforced an extremely strict taboo on those "Season's Greetings/Happy Holidays" cards. Mine always say, quite specifically: "Merry Christmas". It absolutely never ceases to boggle my mind when I get a reminder of how bitterly resentful people are over any sort of an expression of Christian belief whatsoever. It really disgusts me when they try to maintain an atmosphere of what is supposed respect for the beliefs of others but is really an attack on Christianity & a defiant promotion of mandatory secularism. The big question on Yahoo's homepage today is, appropriately enough, about exactly where the tradition of Christmas elves comes from. That always makes for intelligent, witty banter among eggheads.

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