Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's miserable outside all day, every day. Carole, my old supervisor, & her husband Bob, sent me my very first Christmas card of 2007. I got it yesterday. Grace, Daren's mother, inevitably sends one too. I'll most probably get hers soon. Those are the only cards I get from snail mail connections each year. Everybody else's comes by way of cybermail. The Beatles' old hairdresser, Betty Glasow, sold a lock of John Lennon's hair for $48,000. Merriam_Webster has picked the word "W00t", which was used in the Julia Roberts movie, "Pretty Woman", as its official Word of the Year. It's a combination of both letters & numbers. It appears that Gael, one of my California connections, is turning out to be quite the popular poet. I've let my sidekicks on Myspace & Newblog check out a few of her poems & they're all quite favorably impressed by The Bard of the Pacific. Hey, a guy never knows what an old long_ago friend will be up to. Lately, I've been watching "I Love Lucy" quite consistently at least twice a day. Current TV shows just don't have what it takes. With the old stuff, reruns or no reruns, it's always really interesting. Even the first time around though, most shows just don't impress me.

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