Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Today's still cold but much nicer than yesterday. Rocco told me this morning that he's only available on Tuesdays & Wednesdays so he wants me to lector on the other days. I'm quite happy with that. Because it was a reasonably nice morning, the newspaper machine was working. Last night I ate a couple of hamburgers from Burger King. As much as I enjoy occasionally getting stuff from places like that, it's very bad for the health. Another problem with it is that I have a tendency to wolf down, compulsively, whenever they happen to be around, things I wouldn't even so much as think of going out of my way to get. One good thing I've been noticing lately is that the price of gas has been dropping quite a bit. At most stations around here these days, it's dropped by at least a dime a gallon. Lately I've been listening to a CD I have of the seventies soft rock band Poco. Of all the very many songs on it, the only ones I remember are "In the Heart of the Night", "Crazy Love" & "Call It Love". They originally wanted to be named Pogo but Walt Kelly, who drew the Pogo cartoon, put the knish on that. By rambling on about these things constantly, do I ever show my age or what? >

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