Monday, December 10, 2007


Last night I watched, on the History Channel, a really interesting special about 1968 with Tom Brokaw. Unfortunately, since it started at 9:00 I only ended up seeing the first hour of it up until the Martin Luther King assassination in April. I most certainly have all the rest of the year quite well memorized by now though. It started out with the Viet Nam War, specifically the Tet Offensive on January 30 & 31. There were all sorts of things on the show that appealed to my long_standing sixties obsession. I've always been especially fond of the music from that era. Because of that, I've become, over the course of my lifetime, quite interested in the entire era in general. Quite a lot of the trouble we're in these days comes very largely from that era. Liberalism, excessive obsession with youth, & a general degradation of our entire culture & way of life came out of that era. At 7:30 I went to the Holy Name Society's monthly meeting. Unfortunately, Fr. Walsh couldn't make it but most of the regulars showed up. At the end, we ate ziti,(thank you, Jerry) & drank port wine & beer. I told everybody about my N.Y. cousin whose wife's family makes really good Italian wine. The weather's been an absolute nightmare lately with bitter icy cold, fog & rain. My Blog friend, Cindi, is having a nice time with 71 degree weather over in Va. Because of icy road conditions south of Rte 80 yesterday, in an area that included Jim Thorpe, the Latin Mass was cancelled. They couldn't tell us, though, because nobody had a list of names & phone numbers. Today I ended up having to get a new tire & headlight. My mother & Aunt Lauren went shopping for a while on Saturday afternoon. Uncle Frankie & Fran came over for quite a while on Saturday night. >

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