Friday, March 21, 2008


This morning, at around 10:10, we left for Mary Anne's house. All went well & because there was no significant traffic, & the weather was very nice, the trip only took around three hours. My headache is finally gone by now. Mary Anne, Steve & all three kids were here when we got here. Over the course of the day, we ate meat_free pizza with ziti & peppers, & the kids colored Easter eggs with their grandparents' help. Michael & I played guitar & Sam played drums. His drumming teacher was here for his weekly lesson when we first showed up. So was the guy who was helping them with their new computer. He even spent a while rambling on about his Greek ethnic background & religion. So far, over the course of today, I read about a third of Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway". I Ofirst read it in one of Amy Zarett's classes over at Adelphi in the nineties. Bridget & Sam, as always, got into quite a fight downstairs over some trivial things. My mother wanted to call Dottie & Ann but couldn't figure out how to get her hands on their phone numbers. Unfortunately she left her purse home too. The Easter Triduum continues. At O.L.P.H. everybody really used to like to keep me very busy but my schedule at .L.Sorrows isn't quite so hectic, even at times like this. So far I haven't really gotten involved with that much of the parish's life. Last night, at 7:00 Mass at O.L.Sorrows, I showed up & made sure I was available in case they needed me for anything. They didn't put me to work though. I wore my green jacket just in case. Green seems to be the official color of the parish.

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