Saturday, March 22, 2008


Today is the day before Easter, the single most important day of the entire year. We all went over to see Aunt Norma in Amityville. Uncle Larry, Larry, Rose & Maria were there. When we first showed up, it was at the very beginning of their Mass at 2:30 for the Easter Vigil. While there, we drank espresso & coffee & ate pastries. I really was sorry not to have gotten a chance to see Gary or any of the kids. I ran into a guy who was in my Lindenhurst KofC Council 794 around twenty years ago. I also met Pete from the O.L.P.H. Holy Name Society. A splendid time was had by one & all. I truly enjoyed all the catching up. That part of Nassau County most certainly has changed. By now, I'm just about up to the last couple of dozen pages of "Mrs. Dalloway". Somewhere over the course of the last few years, I seem to have left a few of my books here. Everybody's gone to bed by now except for Michael who's out visiting his friend Anthony. Other than Bridget, who just snuck up on me for a minute, I'm really enjoying all the peace & quiet right now. Tomorrow will be a busy fattening day. Although the kids are all very much past the Easter Bunny days by now, they still most certainly enjoy a good pig_out fest whenever there's a lot of candy around. I shall most certainly be doing a bit more than my usual share of eating too. Since I can't possibly attend Mass at my parish, I shall be sitting in the pews tomorrow instead of being a lector.

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