Thursday, March 20, 2008


Today's Holy Thursday. It's a very cold first day of spring. I'm not absolutely positive of when spring starts. The library lady said nobody else is quite positive either. There's even been a little snow. By now the miserable weather's all been getting beyond disgusting. I went to 9:00 Mass at St. Joseph's where I ended up being an usher instead of a lector. I'm most certainly used to both by now anyway. Besides Frannie's cookies yesterday, Josephine & Mary Anne gave me a rosary & Carmelite book mark this morning from their trip to Israel. While they were there they saw all the significant Biblical attractions. I have a headache. I'm assuming it comes from the change in weather. Yesterday I saw "It Happened One Night" again. It's one of Frank Capra's best. A few months ago, a columnist in one of our local papers claimed that it was outdated & hard to find these days. I think it's pretty groovy. It's easy to track down too. Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert & all those other old_timers were quite a bunch of cut_ups in their time. I think the guy who played Perry White in "Superman" was even in it.

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