Friday, March 07, 2008


Usually, the priest warns us about it at Mass the weekend before. This year, though, I heard it from the library lady. The time change is, once again, upon us. It's my very favorite time of the year. Yesterday I saw, again, "Bandolero", the old sixties movie with Dean Martin, Raquel Welch & Jimmy Stewart. I can remember having seen it in a movie theater in my old neighborhood when I was a kid in Queens. All I remember of that time, in the Fair Theater, was that it starred Raquel Welch & Dean Martin, was a western & there was groovy music in the background. Today there's no meat because it's a Friday. The dancing still goes on quite well though. I got my new lector schedule at O.L.Sorrows this morning. Last month they plum forgot me & I ended up having to get one of the extra copies & ask Denise for help. The first night of the St. Joseph novena, at the Oblates' seminary, was last night. A Passionist priest from Scranton is there each night. I made sure I showed up. All those roly poly mountains between here & Rte. 315 get me pert near plum loco. By now I'm already quite used to them though.

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