Friday, April 18, 2008


Tomorrow I have to be in Wilkes_Barre by 9:00 for my monthly Carmelite meeting. The Wyoming library will not have the internet available because they have to have an open house & Chinese auction all day. They'll have door prized including gift certificates to places like Barnes & Noble. The weekend should be at least fairly busy because Sam & Bridget will be here. Sooner or later I may even end up seeing Robin too. Tuesday I have an interview in the same neighborhood as the Sizzle Pie Pizzeria. I already gave them a resume but unfortunately I still have to fill out an application. Uncle Frankie, as far as I know, hasn't been around lately. He must be really busy these days with Fran, the dog & all sorts of things. I only have a few pages to go on the Jane Austen book & I'm still plowing through the others a little at a time. I have a book of Chekhov's major plays & I've just finished the entire first act of "Ivanov". The weather's still getting nicer as we progress further & further into the spring. It's a bit too cool for me in the morning but the rest of the day is usually warm. There was a visiting priest at 9:00 Mass this morning. For whatever reason, Fr. Walsh wasn't available. I've seen this other one before but I have no idea who he is. The election coverage continues. All the predictable mud_slinging is characteristic of every election anyway. Yesterday I got a notice from the local Red Cross chapter reminding me that as of the end of last month, I am now an official member of the gallon club in Pa. I already gave a few gallons in N.Y. They sent me a very nice little pin.

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