Saturday, April 19, 2008


The Carmelite meeting went quite well this morning. Unlike last month, Theresa didn't show up. There's more than a little confusion about exactly how she fits into things. I got my very first ever chance to be our formation director. All went well. The binder's very heavy for me though. Sr. Catherine said the prayers she was supposed to say before we got started. There was no milk around at first so I made sure I drank tea instead of coffee with my pastry. Mary Anne has been doing as well as we can expect so far but she's still too ill to show up at meetings. Anne's cell phone, surprisingly, plays Lennon & McCartney's "Love Me Do". Mary Elizabeth got a chance to see the Pope at Yankee Stadium. I found out at the meeting that Willie Clinton is in Wilkes_Barre today & Hillary is in Scranton. People ended up having problems with traffic congestion but I didn't notice anything wrong. For some odd reason, my odometer wouldn't move the entire time I was on my way to the meeting. It stayed at ...91 throughout the entire trip. On the way home, though, it worked out quite well. It turned out that the problem was entirely temporary. I'm at the Hoyt Library today because Wyoming's is unavailable. I started reading yet another book yesterday. Oddly, I can't remember right now exactly which one it even is. Lately I've been reading so many books these days it's been getting hard to keep track of which is which.

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