Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Oddly, they seem to be in the habit around here of advertising for job fairs that turn out to be on other days entirely. Recently I found out on the internet that the Wachovia Arena's fair was next Tuesday. Yesterday, though, I read in the Citizen's Voice that it was today. I think it worked out well. I must have given out at least ten resumes. There were even a couple of familiar faces there. Some people must be officially designated by their employers to show up at things like this. It's a very much more relaxed environment than an official interview ever turns out to be. Surprisingly, there seem to be quite a lot of organizations in this general area that deal with the handicapped. There were a few radio & TV networks, & newspapers. I couldn't resist checking out the media jobs. If nothing else, I've most certainly managed to amass quite a collection of free ball point pens among other things. They even give away candy too. It was crowded & I messed up a smidge coming home. The weather lately has been very nice & springy, even though I should really like it at least a smidge warmer. At least there's been no precipitation though. I've been reading as voraciously as possible lately. Yesterday I read a bit more of that book I have about Catholic converts. I haven't been watching TV lately except for "I Love Lucy", sometimes "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" & EWTN once in a while.

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