Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The weather yesterday was especially nice & today's is just as good. Uncle Frankie didn't show up yesterday as far as I could see. The phone didn't even ring all day. I especially like a day without the phone. I've always been hypersensitive to sound but the phone especially tops the list of things I so bitterly despise. Speaking of things I so bitterly despise, there's been a lot of construction work lately around here too. The part of Susquehanna Avenue that goes north from 8th Street is blocked. I just read in the Citizen's Voice this morning that the northbound lanes of Rte. 309 are closed too for a while today. Author Joseph Niezgoda has a new book out that might be of more than a little interest to me. "The Lennon Prophecy, A New Examination of the Death Clues of the Beatles" , discusses whether the mighty Fab Four in general, but most especially Beatle John, may have been in cohoots with the Prince of Darkness. He claims there exists plenty of evidence for the possibility that Beatle John may have made a pact with Satan in exchange for all his fame & fortune. As of today there's exactly one week yet to go until the big Fourth of July weekend kicks off. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.