Friday, June 26, 2009


Uncle Frankie showed up yesterday. He & my parents went food shopping for a while. Mary Anne called while they were out. She & Bridget will be coming in on Sunday. I called Borders, Barnes & Noble & F.Y.E. yesterday to see if they sell DVD players. They don't have them at Barnes & Noble although they sell DVDs. Borders has them & they're extremely inexpensive. F.Y.E. has some that are extremely inexpensive & some for $100. The $100 kind include VHS players too so they're worth the extra money. Bob called last night. I'd been wondering for the past few weeks what could possibly have happened to him. At least he's back in circulation. He called as soon as I was starting to watch "Burn Notice" Cousin Vinnie reminded me yesterday that it's on again. Yesterday there were two significant deaths in the world of pop culture. Farrah Farkle(Majors, etc.) & Michael Jackson. I don't understand what's all the hoo.hah about either of them but I should hope they both rest in peace. They were both significant, howsoever deplorable, characters in the pop culture of my youth. There was a nice spring shower this morning. All rainstrms should be like that.