Thursday, July 23, 2009


There was a visiting priest at St. Joseph's this morning. Our new pastor must not have been available. Yesterday for supper I ate pork chops & apple sauce. That's quite a traditional Brady Bunch meal. I read more of "The Possessed". It was very controversial when it was first written. Like all Dostoevsky's works it deals with things like religion & politics & the meaning of life in general. Last night I made one of my quite regular attempts to get through to Fr. Mitchell Pacwa on EWTN to ask a question on his weekly talk show. There was a Benedictine priest on the show talking about Gregorian chant. I got through & asked a question. I practiced my guitar yesterday too. "Oh! Darling" has always been a very favorite of mine so I practiced it for a while. The mailman showed up later than usual yesterday. He was somebody other than the regular guy in my neighborhood. Whenever somebody covers for the usual guy, there's trouble because he's never on time. I didn't get anything interesting anyway.