Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It was pouring out last night. There was a threat, all day, of a very violent rainstorm. The TV reception was even temporarily lost on most channels. It started pouring late at night. Mary Anne called last night from Mark's house. Larry called over the weekend. The phone gets a lot of mileage. After I finished "Mansfield Park" I started re_reading Cervantes' "Don Quijote". It's overwelmingly long but quite interesting. It's classified as a picaresque novel. I don't know of anything else Cervantes ever wrote so I'm a bit surprised that his reputation is pert near as good as Shakespeare's. They both died on the same day. Yesterday QVC had a really nice special on about the Beatles. I didn't end up buying anything but it was especially interesting to watch because of all the good souvenirs. There was yet another detour today because of the bridge. It was easy for me though because I'm quite used to it by now. Yesterday I played more of my guitar. The guitar solo for "And I Love Her" still drives me plum loco but it gets a little bit easier each time.