Monday, August 10, 2009


The weekend was very nice in spite of yesterday's major thunderstorms. There was even a jolt of lightning that knocked out one of the TV's. Danny came over yesterday to give my parents, Mary Anne & family, & Gino & Michelle the official picture from the Fourth of July. He was wearing his maroon shirt & showed up in his maroon truck. It was all so fabulously color_coordinated. Leonard called to ask my father about some kind of a recipe he wanted. This morning the doors at St. Joseph's were locked because no one wanted to be bothered with opening them. We got in really late. I asked Father Marchetti, after Mass, if he'd be willing to let the Carmelites use one of the churches for meetings from now on. He says our chances are pretty good so far. Uncle Frankie's birthday party was yesterday even though his birthday's not until Wednesday. All went quite well. Mary Anne's birthday is today. August is a busy birthday month. As Uncle Frankie warned me over the weekend, there was yet another detour today because of construction on the bridge. Once again I was forced to go home by way of Wilkes_Barre at the courthouse. I listened to classical music, a lot of Mozart, & jazz over the weekend. I'm starting to learn to play the lead guitar to the Beatles' "And I Love Her". It's fairly easy but extremely annoying.