Monday, September 28, 2009


Saturday went quite well. For my father's birthday, everyone showed up. Mary Anne, Steve, Sam & Bridget got in early in the day. Uncle Frankie, Fran & Lisa showed up later. I didn't get to go to the St. Therese novena over the weekend but it was still quite an interesting time anyway. The food, as always, was both plentiful & fattening. Yesterday was weird though. Bob & I agreed to go to the K of C's pro_life rally in Forty Fort & Swoyersville. We parked our vehicles separately, one at each church. The churches are quite a distance apart. He left early without me & I was stuck with no car to get home. I ended up having to mooch a ride to the other church. When I got home Steve, Sam & I went for the Old Forge pizza I ordered quite a few months ago. Then Steve, Sam & I went to Jitty Joe's for ice cream. He wasn't so good at directions, especially in the rain, as he seemed to have thought so he made a few wrong turns on the way. Today is Eddie's birthday. He's cousin Larry's son. He gets a happy birthday. As always they're working on the 8th Street bridge this weekend. It will be closed down for hours at a time each day.