Friday, October 02, 2009


The cold weather is now truly upon us. I always seem to need a heavy sweater & coat these days. Dave says he's losing customers because of it & because of old age. Uncle Frankie came over for a while yesterday. As far as I know he & my father are going to their weekly game tonight. The annual St. Therese novena is now over for this year. Yesterday was the last day. There was a Mass with a visiting priest. I woke up yesterday with a violent headache & was afraid I might not make it to the last day but I got there. There was a party afterward but I didn't stick around. I think my annual allergy has turned into a bit of a cold. I'm extremely run down & hoarse. I don't have a headache anymore but I always cough. We have to say the first happy Friday of October & dance the first Friday dance of the month. This Sunday there will most probably be a nice Octoberfest over on Wellwood Avenue in Lindenhurst. We say happy birthday to Brian in California today. He's an old friend.