Friday, September 04, 2009


My parents most certainly spent quite a long time shopping yesterday. They went someplace else too. Uncle Frankie came over to see my father about today's football game. He hung around waiting for them for a few minutes & left. He came back later when they were home. This morning, after 9:00 Mass, Ada gave me a bunch of political literature she wants me to put on my Facebook account. They're all ads for the pro_life politicians. The weather was a little warmer this morning than it's been on recent mornings. This Monday is Labor Day. I shall not be able to come to the library on Monday because only stores are opened on days like Labor Day. Today I may end up finishing the last of that banana split ice cream from Friendly's. Now that Bishop Martino's gone from the Scranton Diocese, the controversy continues. Justin Cardinal Rigali, of Philadelphia, is temporarily in charge of the diocese until a replacement can be found. Today we have to do quite a rousing Friday dance.