Saturday, September 05, 2009


Uncle Frankie came over yesterday. He & my father went to one of their big football games. I finished the Friendly's ice cream last night. Every day I still play my guitar. I recently got a copy of "Acoustic Guitar" magazine at Barnes & Noble. It's the first guitar magazine I've gotten in quite a while. I used to get them on quite a regular basis. This issue has Pete Seeger's "Turn Turn Turn" in it. It also has "Guantanamera", "Mary Had A Little Lamb" & something by Jerry Garcia. The past couple of nights I've had the strangest dreams. I never sleep much so I should suppose I can take it for granted that weird dreams at least prove to my satisfaction that I can get some sleep every once in a while. Last night I saw "Chariots of Fire". I've always wanted to see it so I watched it on a DVD. It turned out to be as good as its reputation. Aunt Lauren showed up for a while yesterday on her way home from work. She hardly ever shows up so this was a nice bit of a surprise.