Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Things are much quieter now after all the excitement of the weekend party. Today's a very sad anniversary. My grandmother died on this day in 1978. That's why my parents both went to 9:00 Mass this morning. Yesterday I saw that show about Shakespeare, with Joseph Pearce. Today is the first day of September. Labor Day is only a week away. It's the beginning of what's always struck me as the hard part of the year. The weather starts getting cold & the sun starts going down earlier each night. It was unusually cold this morning. I was forced to wear a sweater because it was only around fifty degrees when I first left. It's usually around sixty by then. I read some more of a play from that Chekhov book again yesterday. Unfortunately I just found out from my Italian cousin Doriana that her mother recently died. I shall have to pray for her.