Saturday, November 28, 2009


Mary Anne, Steve & the kids went home around 9:30 this morning. They made sure they left very early because Michael has tickets to see a band, Brand New, at 6:00. I don't bother to keep up with new music so it's all completely out of my league. Before they left we all took some boxes upstairs from the basement & put them in the back of the house. Sam's been reading Thoreau's "Walden". We were all watching a bunch of James Bond movies yesterday & last night on the SyFy Channel. For a while Steve was thinking of taking the kids out to a movie but it never happened. I ate entirely too much all weekend. Last night I even ate a few chestnuts. I can't remember the last time I even ate a chestnut. They're very plain. Today is Alyssa's birthday. She's Mike & Terri's daughter. Tomorrow will be Gino & Michelle's twelfth wedding anniversary. The first Sunday of Advent is this weekend. I don't have to lector at Mass this weekend so I shall just show up.