Thursday, December 10, 2009


On Tuesday night I got yet another call from the Red Cross. They want me to donate blood again next week. Yesterday I got a call from somebody taking a survey about Obamacare. My father's heart operation went really well this morning. He got either a fibrulator or a de_fibrulator. My mother, Uncle Frankie & I went the V.A. Hospital in Wilkes_Barre with him this morning. Uncle Frankie & I got breakfast in the cafeteria. My mother just got coffee. Hospital food is a little on the bland side. It was a long boring day. At least now it's all over with though. He'll be home tomorrow in the early afternoon. Cousin Java called from Florida yesterday to ask about him. Mary Anne, Steve & the kids are supposed to show up this afternoon. Tomorrow's my cousin the Ronald'sixtieth birthday. He's a decade older than I.