Saturday, December 12, 2009


Mary Anne, Fran & my mother went food shopping this morning. They want to do a lot of baking for Christmas. My father is still hanging around trying to recuperate from his arm. His behavior is restricted. He can't do half the things he's used to. I've gotten plum sick & tired by now of all the telephone calls. Hypersensitivity to sound is quite a handicap in my world. Although the weather was quite bitter when I first left very early this morning it's not even the least bit bad now. Christmas is now less than two weeks away. All the TV specials, carols on the radio & controversy are enough to get anyone crazy. So far I have no plans for this weekend except that I have to lector later at Mass. Instead of milk lately I've been putting Nestle's coffee mate in my coffee. A lot of people don't enjoy different flavors but I do. To my chagrin I noticed yesterday that I have a pimple on my nose. It's very annoying.