Thursday, November 08, 2007


Lately my life's been one big source of annoying things. A couple of days ago, my tire, as usual, needed more air. Yesterday I got my notice that I'm supposed to report to Scranton bright & early on the morning of Monday, the nineteenth for jury duty_oh, for joy, for joy! In New York, I always seemed to have been able to bluff my way out of jury duty. Once, a few years ago, I showed up but by the end of the day I ended up getting kicked out anyway. I've still been reading quite voraciously. That always keeps me from getting intellectually stale. Yesterday I read a few more chapters of that Proust biography & started Tolstoy's "War & Peace". My Myspace site has been coming along so far, so well. Oddly enough, I've been in touch with everybody except the kinfolk on it. Of course, it's where I take advantage of my interest in the Fab Four. I see, according to a few papers I noticed this morning in Unimart, that Beatle Paul has a new girlfriend. I shall have to start keeping track of his escapades & those of that troublemaker he's married to. Linda drove fans crazy but at least she never insulted him.

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