Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Today's Election Day. As soon as I got here I made sure I voted. I'm getting to be quite an old pro, by now, at voting in Pa. elections. The woman I spoke to told me to follow Howard, who's one of my Holy Name Society connections. I just gave her my name & address, signed the form & followed Howard. The people who have to stay outside are going crazy because of the cold weather. Of course, one of the major disadvantages of election time is that the phone rings absolutely constantly. There's a non_stop barrage of campaign calls. I absolutely despise the phone so it truly rankles on my nerves. I'm absolutely apolitical so I go crazy thinking of whom I should have to vote for. My Newblog friends seem to have moved over to Myspace. Hey Tequilashot, check these characters out. You could compare notes about me. By now, everybody on the internet knows me by one alias or another. Yesterday I went, as usual on Mondays, to the Little Flower novena in Wilkes_Barre. The traffic was an absolute nightmare on the way home. At least I have no trouble getting around over there lately but the congestion during rush hour is an absolute nightmare. It was all slow & frustrating.

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