Monday, November 05, 2007


Today in 1605, was a great day for anti_Catholics, because it was Guy Fawkes day aka Bonfire Night. John Lennon alluded to it in his 1970 song "Remember" from "The Plastic Ono Band" album. Saturday was a very busy day for one & all. My parents really enjoyed Dotty's birthday party. I had a very good time at Jim Lancelotti's Carmelite gift sale too. It started at 11:30 & lasted until around 5:30. The most annoying part was unpacking & re_packing all the stuff. The residents over there are quite an affable bunch of characters. I was the only one available, besides him, to stick around all day. Anne couldn't make it. Only a few other ladies got there. Dana was too busy. All went very well. Saturday night Fran called & invited my parents & me to breakfast with her & Uncle Frankie at a really nice local restaurant. It's the same one we went to with Mike, Terri & their family a while ago. Of course, I went away quite full & happy. I knew we'd inevitably have to get together with them sooner or later because it was the first weekend of the month. It's been getting cold lately. The autumn colors, groovy as they are, are finally sinking in. One of the Carmelite ladies commented on Saturday about how odd it is that we still see roses in November. I can't stand it that it gets so dark so early now since the time change. This part of the year has always struck me as so painfully morbid. Brianne just sent some especially groovy pictures of Kiernan. Aunt Shannon & Uncle Seanie_me_buy are having a good time with him. Yesterday before we left, I watched part of the Beatle movie, "HELP!" It's from my favorite Beatle era. It's the one where they tamed a stray tiger by singing "Ode to Joy" in b minor from Beethoven's ninth symphony. That's always worked for me whenever I've tried to bluff my way past a tiger.

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