Saturday, December 08, 2007


Lately things have been going fairly well for me so far. The weather isn't all that horrible. Christmas is coming very soon. I only have to send out two cards by mail because all the rest go out on the internet. Today I lectored for Fr. Walsh at 11:00a.m. Mass at O.L.Sorrows. Surprisingly everybody sat in the pews. Nobody went for the folding chairs in the other section of church. Somehow, on the lectors' schedule, it said I was suppose to show up at 10:00 a.m. but Howard set me straight. I've always been in the habit of showing up insanely annoyingly early for things anyway. Another entirely inexplicable thing was that when I went to the Unimart on Wyoming Avenue to get a paper I asked the guy behind the counter why there was no Dispatch & he ended up having to remind me that it's only Saturday. I plum forgot, for just a moment, what day it was. I traded in my Times Leader for a Citizens' Voice & left. Happy birthday, Tina. Maria called my mother last night. All has been going quite well with them these days. >

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