Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Well, folks, the big day is getting oh so very much closer by now. It's one of those days each year that the ACLU, & other liberal special interest groups are always trying to ban from polite society. Things like that always clutter our e mail, snail mail, etc. Yesterday Michael & Terri's Christmas card came. They sent a really nice picture of their very first grandson. I think his name is Tyler Matthew. Grace, Daren's mother, also sent me a card. There's lots of tension around Christmas time. People send all sorts of e mails, legitimate, corny, activist, etc. Salesmen galore keep trying to capitalize on the whole thing. I still haven't gotten entirely used to Christmas around here. I keep in touch with the New Yorkers so I can easily find out what's going on over there. My cousin Vinnie, who now lives in N.Carolina, just sent me an e mail rambling on about days of yore. Change happens. Last night, I watched "I Love Lucy" again. That show was on back in the good old days when at least very many show business people knew better than to try to make controversial shows that forcibly crammed unacceptable agendas down people's throats.

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