Wednesday, December 19, 2007


It hasn't rained or snowed in a while but the snow & ice are all over. Uncle Frankie complained yesterday that he was inevitably going to trip on it sooner or later. Another pet peeve of mine is the incessant "Happy holidays" instead of the only one that's really appropriate: "Merry Christmas". It's splattered all over the media, in public places, & among friends & relatives. Of course, I should be used, by now, to the notion that that's to be fully expected in a world where all sorts of things have gone insanely wrong. A few times, lately, I've been in touch with my cousin Vinnie. It's cool, since we've always lived so far apart, that we can keep in touch by way of the internet. We've exchanged phone numbers too. Hey I've been noticing that I haven't gotten any headaches lately. That's a bit of a really nice kind of surprise for me since they always most certainly seem to sneak up on me sooner or later. Unfortunately next month I shall have to get my car inspected. That ought to be a regular hoot. I suppose I shall have to go to the Jack Williams right next to Jiffy Lube on Wyoming Ave. I finally got a few more hits from wheresgeorge. Thank you to Nirvana from the Wyoming Avenue Unimart. I don't quite understand how it could even be possible that I don't have a hell of a lot more hits considering how many bills I've most certainly put into circulation by now.

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