Friday, February 01, 2008


February has started out with an entirely unwelcome bang. The weather is very cold & rain is coming down in the form of ice. Besides Fr. Walsh, only three of us made it to 9:00 Mass this morning. Oh well, welcome to Pa. On top of everything else, the big Super Bowl party has been cancelled. Fran called last night. It appears that besides me & maybe her, everybody else is entirely too sick with the flu to be even remotely able to put up with it. I remember all the parties my father used to force us to go to at his American Legion post in Levittown, N.Y. It was a fun time but the cigarettes, crowd & noise always drove me nuts. I liked it because I got to hang around with Larry, Gary, Steve, Adrian & all the other characters. Yesterday I got my KofC dues notice. It's less expensive here than my O.L.P.H. council. I read even more of "The Possessed" yesterday too. Books like that for sure keep my brain cells hopping. At O.L. Sorrows this morning I found out that their blood drive will be on February 11 in the church. It's in the part where they seem to have all their parties, social functions, etc.

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