Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It's snowing again. It started somewhere during the course of the time I was at St. Joseph's. Everybody says, though, that it should dwindle down to only rain after a while. Yesterday I noticed that the Citizen's Voice, believe it or not, is now only a quarter. It used to be a half dollar. I'm still reading that Jules Verne book. Having always known of it, it's kind of odd that until recently, I'd literally never bothered to read it. It's such a cliche by now & a landmark of the Western literary canon. Yesterday I ended up eating a couple of Burger King hamburgers & French fries. It's not that I don't like that kind of food. I just dread getting into the habit of messing with it. It's quite seriously enjoyable but it's very bad for the health & weight. Mary Ellen & I have been in touch lately on e mail. Karen, unfortunately, has been having a very hard time these days. I'm still watchin "I Love Lucy" pretty much ever day these days. Old pop culture has always been much more interesting than the current & recent tripe.

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