Friday, February 29, 2008


Today, being the last day of a leap year February, is Sadie Hawkins Day. There's bad news for my cousin Fran. While getting ready to go home from work a couple of nights ago, she broke one of her gams. Mary Anne got a similar break a few years ago. I broke my arm in the early nineties. She's now stranded way down there & can't possibly come over here for a while. At least it happened close to work. Cathleen in California is getting weather in the seventies. That's kind of frustrating for all us poor characters who are stuck over hear in the bitter cold. Today is the last Friday dance of February. We're not allowed to eat meat either. March beckons. I can't wait for the nice weather soon to come. It's especially nice now that the sun goes down a little while later each night. Unfortunately I just got bad news from Mary Ellen. Karen's been feeling awfully ill again. They really have to keep after her. Today I paid my KofC dues. So far, unfortunately, I haven't really bothered with this council anyway but at least now I can still count on qualifying as a legitimate member. It most certainly doesn't make any sense to break a sixteen year streak. I first joined my other council in May of 1992.

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