Saturday, March 01, 2008


Last night, unfortunately, there was a pretty heavy snowstorm. The good news, though, was that all it amounted to was major aggravation. The plows were out right away. There was no ice worth bothering to complain about. Things are just covered with a nice white coat of snow. Yesterday, because of its having been Friday, there was a meat_free menu. I made sure I pigged out on peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, cheese & crackers, pasta & things like that. It's really scary, or at the very least annoying, being constantly sliding around on ice since I found out that's how Fran broke one of her gams. Unfortunately, the latest news about Karen is that she's still very sick. Bridget most certainly seems to be doing quite well these days though. She called last night & was in quite an especially talkative mood. Jo Anne sent me an e mail reminding me that the Mets have been doing well lately. That's always really good news for us Queens kids. I've never liked sports but I have to root for my home team. According to the schedule on their website they most certainly have quite a busy month up ahead of them. That means there'll be traffic congestion by whichever stadiums they're playing in. I just noticed it's snowing again.

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