Sunday, March 23, 2008


Easter most certainly went quite well. We all went to Mass at noon at St. Mary of the Isle in Long Beach. It was in the hall next door to the church. The place was absolutely packed. My claustrophobia most certainly kicked in. A very large number of the people were Hispanic, Filipino & Korean. To my chagrin, the cantor couldn't sing her way out of a brown paper bag. After we got home, we spent the entire remainder of the day pigging out. We ate pork, lamb, Brussels sprouts & baked potatoes among other things. There were also all sorts of candy & pastries. Steve & I went to the boardwalk between six & seven o'clock. He jogged & I walked. It was a bit on the cold, windy side for me but I really enjoyed it. It's sort of like the levee over by the Midway in Wyoming. Michael has been taking philosophy courses lately. He & I got into a nice intense debate. We talked about the nature of reality, the right relationship of faith & reason & all sorts of other artsy_fartsy kinds of things. Many thanks to Profs. Friel, Phelan, Groner & Soupios who all dared to try to teach me philosophy. If there's one class I could really be counted on to go entirely overboard in, it's philosophy. Because I haven't taken any classes lately, I was really forced to dust off that section of my brain cells. I try to keep up with things like this by reading books, periodicals, etc. that deal with this kind of subject matter.

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