Thursday, January 22, 2009


Surprisingly, I got a call last evening from one of the guys who are in charge of the pro_life trip to Washington, D.C. He told me there was an opening & I could have gone. Unfortunately, though, by then I'd already told Fr. Walsh's secretary, Norene, that I'd be available this morning to lector at 9:00 a.m. Mass. Having never expected to get an opening on the bus I took it for granted it would be a good idea. I'm really hoping for better luck next year. Michelle, Gino's wife, & Noreen, the other Michelle's sister, are now both on my Facebook friends list. Both their birthdays are this month. The weather's been nightmarishly cold lately every morning but at least there's no real snow or rain to make it unbearable. Cousin Vinnie's very favorite show, "Burn Notice" will be starting its new season at 10:00 tonight. I shall try to stay up a little later than I'm used to so I can watch it. As much as I utterly despise staying up late at night, sometimes I can handle it.

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