Monday, February 02, 2009


Bishop Martino just broke the big news to the parishioners of the Scranton Diocese yesterday. Among other parishes to close down are Sacred Heart in Plains & St. John the Baptist in Exeter. Surprisingly, Our Lady of Sorrows is supposed to close, except for special occasions & St. Joseph's, the smaller of the two, will remain open. Everyone's shocked about the whole thing. The Super Bowl party went quite well yesterday except that it was entirely too fattening. Everybody left even before the game started. Most of the usual characters were there as well as Dolores & her son Patrick. The only ones who weren't available were Steve & Michael. They were at a fund raiser for the Polar Bear Club. On Saturday afternoon, Mary Anne, Bridget, Sam & I went to Dick's sporting goods store by the Wyoming Valley Mall. I made sure I got a very desperately needed pair of boots. Yesterday I also put my new rear view mirror into my car. Michael called early last night. All has been going very well for him lately. Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow. Winter will linger for yet another month & a half, to my undying chagrin.

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