Wednesday, February 04, 2009


In spite of what we'd been expecting, there hasn't been any significant snowfall so far this week. That's always such exceptionally good news. I desperately need a haircut but as always shall procrastinate until it becomes a major eyesore for all concerned. My parents' TV set flipped out completely on them yesterday. They were forced to spend quite a long time on the phone trying to get in touch with someone who could help fix it. Of course, they got stuck with one of those numbers where they spent an interminable length of time pushing different numbers for different things, all the time engaging in a pointless exercise in stupidity & frustration. There's no lectoring on my schedule so far this weekend so that leaves me a little bit less aggravated than I should have otherwise been. The fattening food, to my chagrin, is still available from last weekend & I've been getting truly sick & tired of it all by now. The Facebook people are still quite active lately. There's nothing especially important going on with any of them but they all seem to have something to ramble on about. Mary Anne called last night with all the latest New York gossip.

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