Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Lately things have been calming down quite a bit. There are still quite a whole lot of leftovers from the Super Bowl party so I get stuck having to pig out entirely too much. Yesterday it snowed only very little & rained after that. Last night it snowed just a bit more. Of course, the ultimate neighborhood neurotic was out bright & early this morning sweeping the snow in front of his house. I'm pert near finished with "Northanger Abbey" & have been thinking of re reading yet another Jane Austen book, "Emma". Today's the Feast, technically only an optional memorial, of St. Blaise so everyone who goes to church gets to have his throat blessed. Yesterday I saw something on TV about how Barack Obama likes to bowl but his average isn't very good. There's never anything else on anyway so I sat through it. Lately my Facebook account has been getting really active. Brianne has just joined my friends list.

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