Monday, March 09, 2009


All has been going fairly well lately. My cough is persistent but not entirely beyong control. Last night's Holy Name Society meeting went well. Fr. Walsh didn't show up but most of the others were there. Jerry, whose seventieth birthday was a little over a month ago, didn't make any kind of a prepared meal this time. There were beer & soda, cookies & those little fish crackers. Besides that, Tom's brother showed up with some Old Forge pizza for us, both red & white. I've yet to go to Luzerne for the one I'm supposed to get. I still have the coupon. The weather's been absolutely disgusting lately. Although yesterday, after a morning full of rain clouds, showed signs, at first of being a nice spring day, it started raining later in the day. The rain, bitter & icy, has yet to stop. Yesterday I read quite a lot of "Vanity Fair".

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