Thursday, March 12, 2009


A rousing happy birthday goes out today to Leonard, the very oldest of all us first cousins. He lives in Michigan. I read quite a lot of "Vanity Fair" yesterday. I've been going through it at a fairly steady pace. Once again today I tried to carry on a conversation with my Italian cousin Doriana. It's not so easy since neither of us speaks the other's language well. Although my father fell in the kitchen a few days ago, his leg troubles have been getting progressively better each day since then. Tomorrow is yet another Friday the 13th. So far I don't expect anything especially evil to happen. It's all quite a crock anyway. Yesterday's weather started out too cold but after a while ended up getting very nice. This morning, as I left St. Joseph's I noticed that there were light snow flurries, for a few minutes, but they didn't amount to anything.

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