Friday, June 12, 2009


The weather was really dreary all day yesterday but it never ended up raining until maybe after I went to bed. So far today it's been much nicer. Summer, my very favorite season, is only nine more days away. Today unfortunately there should be lots of traffic because of that policeman's funeral in Pittston. It's time once again for our weekly Friday dance. This weekend is Father's Day so there will be lots of partying. Mother's Day inevitably ends up getting more attention but it will still be very busy & very fattening. Yesterday I ate a bowl of Kellogg's Corn Flakes. They're not the most interesting cereal I know of but they're pretty good. Lately I've been getting quite a whole lot of people on Twitter who want to follow my site. The really odd thing is that I have no message to spread. Eighty per cent of the people on Twitter have no more than ten followers each. I now have around two hundred fifty followers. I'm not a self_help guru, activist or anything like that. I have no specific religious or political agenda. I just say random pointless things. I suppose there are very many people who understand that the life without non_sequiturs is not worth living. That's my variation to Socrates' famous theory.