Monday, June 08, 2009


Today is Jennifer's birthday. She's cousin Larry's daughter. We wish her quite a very happy birthday. My parents called Sam yesterday for his birthday & we all got to talk to him for a few minutes. He's been doing a lot of celebrating for his big milestone. Technically I wasn't supposed to lector on Saturday but as usual that backfired. The girl who was supposed to be there never bothered to show up so I got stuck. I'm getting more than a little sick & tired of it by now. Certain parties take everybody entirely for granted. Yesterday Uncle Frankie, Fran & Lisa showed up. There was a lot of fattening food including some extremely seriously weird, exceptionally spicy olives from Wegmann's. Because the air conditioner in my car hasn't worked in quite a while, I intend to take advantage of a coupon my father found in a newspaper over the weekend. Driving in hot weather can be overwhelming without air conditioning. Now that the weather's been getting nicer each day, I suppose I should take advantage of it by getting as much exercise as possible.