Friday, July 31, 2009


My father & Uncle Frankie went to a game yesterday. It started at 1:00. It was because of a cancellation of a previous game they were supposed to attend. They're going to go to another game tomorrow too. Uncle Frankie hung around for a while after the game. Mary Anne called yesterday. I suppose it was about all the latest gossip from New York. I read some more of "The Possessed" last night & this morning. Fortunately I've been getting very close to the end. Last night I also listened to a part of the "Carmelite Dialogues" CD I have. It's a famous opera by Poulenc. I didn't bother to watch "Burn Notice" last night but I made sure I recorded it. I was quite careful to keep track of it so I could be positive that it worked out. The weather today is quite dismal. It's been pouring out for most of the day. We shall have to settle for a dreary Friday dance. Lately I have been quite conscientious about playing my guitar. Each day I try to set aside quite a lot of time for practice although the self discipline has been getting me quite crazy.