Saturday, August 01, 2009


Yesterday, for much of the day, it was plum pouring out. Today's much nicer so far though. I have to lector at 10:00 Mass tomorrow. Unfortunately Cheryl is on the schedule for 5:00 today. I should most certainly hope she doesn't try to switch again. That's entirely too annoying. Last week she was on vacation. Yesterday & this morning I played my guitar & read part of "The Possessed". Last night I also listened to some jazz on my Duke Ellington & Dizzy Gillespie CD's. Uncle Frankie & my father are supposed to go to yet another game tomorrow. Usually their games are spaced further apart but weather considerations make things crazy. Today's an especially big important day for Liverpudlians. It's officially Beatle George Day over in the Fabs' hometown. Today is also my cousing Jamie's birthday. He's my cousin Alan's son & lives over in Michigan. Tomorrow is two cousins' birthday. We shall have to wish happy birthday to Elaine & Fran, both in Pennsylvania. Besides that, it's also Swiss National Day. It was inspired by the mention of early August in the Charter of 1291.