Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Yesterday was oddly warm for most of the day. Today, so far, has been very cold but there was dew on the windows instead of ice, so I'm happy. My toothbrush needed new AA batteries but that's all taken care of. My father & I went over to the St. Vincent de Paul society on Jackson Ave. in Wilkes_Barre to give them a turkey for Thanksgiving. Right after that I went into the shopping center in Plains for Tastykakes & a half_gallon of 2% milk. The crowded line was an absolute nightmare. As it turns out, there was even a blast from the fairly recent past. KrissyKrissyKrissy called. All is going well so far for her, Ed & Eddie over in Jim Thorpe. She's pregnant so they'll have a lot of work to do from now on. Gael, from California, has turned out to be quite the regular bard of her world. She sent me some poems she's written. I shall have to check them out & maybe even include them on my blogs. Yesterday I got my latest issues of The Marian Helper & Latin Mass Magazine. I've always really enjoyed keeping up with them.

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