Friday, November 16, 2007


This morning it snowed. There wasn't enough of it, though, to work up a good_sized puddle. The foliage has been becoming quite consonant with autumn lately. All the browns & oranges are most certainly quite an impressive site. The latest buzz among my cousins is about a movie, "The Golden Compass", coming out in December. My old pal, Jo Anne, sent me an e mail about it a while ago. It's written by an avowed atheist & stars Nicole Kidman. It's entirely anti_Christianity so I reckon that must make it entirely pro_liberal. Leave it to Cousins Mark & the Ronald to duke it out over the likes of this one. We're an exceptionally controversial bunch & have always enjoyed a good row over the big questions that have always entirely befuddled mankind. Lately I've been finding out about all the plans my connections have. Unfortunately, Cathleen said that gas in Ca. is now $3.33.9 per gallon. That's even $.18 per gallon more than we're stuck having to pay around here. A very happy Friday is officially wished to one & all, of course. Tomorrow we shall be on Long Island, in Long Beach, hanging around with Michael, Sam & Bridget. I got a deferral from my jury duty. In December, though, they want me back.

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