Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Today marks the sixteenth anniversary of the day I broke my left arm. Being a lefty, it really stunk. It happened at St. John's High School when I was delivering bubble gum remover to Sister Noella, who was then still an assistant principal. I was working at Citicorp Retail Services in Melville, N.Y. Sal, Carole were my supervisors. I ended up having to tell Carole, on the phone, about what happened. I'm sure Miz Kitti, Doreen, Kimbley & all the rest were quite taken aback too. I spent the night in Good Samaritan Hospital's emergency room, stupefied on medication. Last night, Michael, from New Jersey called to thank my parents for his new grandson's gift. Yesterday the weather turned bad late in the day. There was an icy cold rain all night. This morning started out miserable too. I've been reading "War & Peace" at quite a pretty fast rate so far. I can't read it too fast, though, because of its being so deep. Gas prices are getting entirely out of hand. The Citgo in my neighborhood, on Wyoming Avenue, now charges $3.15.9 a gallon. Eddie, from O.L.P.H., says that the new pastor has made at least one change in the Mass schedule. There's no 1:00 p.m. Mass now on Sundays. That's really hard to believe, but things happen. He was even forced to drop some lectors. I've been trying to catch "I Love Lucy" on TV every day now. It's better than the new stuff.

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