Thursday, November 22, 2007


My father & Bridget are watching the big traditional Macy's Parade. Meredith (one of my very favorite game show hosts) Vieira is one of the hosts. I went to a few of them when I was a kid. I should most certainly hope, for everybody's sake, that the cousins in North Tonawanda (& Vinnie, who is now in N.Carolina), are enjoying their big day despite my much_regretted (ahem) absence. Unfortunately, we all stayed up quite nightmarishly late last night waiting for Sam to come home. Michael, on top of that, even kept me up until past midnight watching Jay Leno, & David Letterman's interview with Bill Clinton. I suppose the Clintons are most certainly a more than likable enough sort of a couple of characters. I just can't stand it that they're so far to the left culturally. Mankind simply can't afford to have the agenda of the Culture of Death crammed down our throats any longer. The catch is that W. & his Republican cronies are destroying us with war, corruption & the economy from hell. I woke up with a mild headache this morning. Once again, though, one headache pill did quite a good job of getting rid of it for me. I've gotten Thanksgiving greetings from Miz Kitti, Jo Anne & Eddie so far.

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